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‘Big Brother 25’ Day 12 Live Feeds: POV Comp Results, a New Target Emerges and Reilly Ruins the Plan

The Professors alliance celebrating with a toast in the Head of Household room
The Professors alliance/Big Brother live feeds

Here's what went down on Day 12 (Sunday, Aug. 13) of the Big Brother 25 live feeds!

An extended 19-hour feed outage began on Saturday for the Power of Veto Competition. The feeds eventually came back on Sunday morning around 9:15 a.m. Big Brother time to the houseguests lounging in different areas of the house.

(To be clear, we aren't entirely sure why the extended outage. However, the houseguests' chatter has led us to believe it was an individually timed comp that took longer than expected, and houseguests were allowed to sleep-in Sunday morning.)

We quickly found out that Hisam won the Power of Veto. He now owns the record for the most competition wins in the first two weeks of the game, having won all but one competition at this point in the game.

Hisam has now obviously made himself a huge target, and his demeanor and communication style as HOH is leaving a bad taste in many houseguests' mouths — including his own alliance. There was quite a bit of talk about getting Hisam out the very first chance they get from Jared, Cory, Izzy, and Cirie, as well as Reilly, Jag, and Cameron's side of the house.

Cameron has made it very clear that Hisam would be his target if he became HOH. If he's not careful, however, this is could very easy tool for Cirie to use to get Hisam to switch his target from Reilly to Cameron. We still have a long 4 days to go before the vote, after all.

Cameron also told Cory that wants to stay, but does not want to campaign against Reilly. Meanwhile, another camera showed a conversation in which America suggested that Reilly offer something to people in exchange for their votes.

One of the major talking points throughout the day was a deal struck between Cirie and Reilly, in which Cirie would vote to keep Reilly if Reilly promised not to tell a soul. However, Reilly quickly went and told Blue, and eventually, the whole house found out — including Cirie.

It should be noted that Cirie and Felicia were considering flipping the vote and keeping Reilly, but only if they could get away with being undetected. Now that it has gotten out that Cirie was going to vote for Reilly to stay, Cirie seemingly feels she can no longer go through with it. Felicia told Hisam she felt bad and wanted to give Reilly a sympathy vote because she made sure she was safe last week, but Hisam quickly shot that down.

Jag approached Cirie about blindsiding Hisam by keeping Reilly. Cirie said she would have been on board, but Reilly went and told people what she was told not to, which is a big red flag in her eyes.

In the evening, Hisam held court in his HOH room, where he gave a coach-like, post-victory speech to The Professors alliance. He also gave them instructions for their future HOH wins, and it was their turn to "pick up the baton." *Queue eye roll.*

Cory ended the night with our first live feeder talk, talking to the camera about his thoughts on the game and his stance on everyone. Aside from the Jared/Cirie of it all, he seems to have everyone clocked really well!

It's only Week 2 of the game and we not only have a split house, but we may see a split vote!

This is shaping up to be a very exciting week, so stay tuned and we will keep you posted!


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