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'Big Brother 25' Day 3 Live Feeds: 2 New Alliances, an Anti-Nomination Ceremony and More Messiness!

Cirie (left) and Izzy (right) discussing Premiere Night
Cirie (left) and Izzy (right) discussing Premiere Night

Welcome back, BB friends! Here is what you missed yesterday (Friday, Aug. 4) on the Big Brother 25 live feeds.

Reilly settled into her new role as Head of Household. She held many meetings yesterday and tried to align with almost everyone. The plan became to pull Cory and Jared off of the block leaving Felicia and Kirsten up with Kirsten being the target.

Cory did put in some good work yesterday and planted some seeds of doubt about his safety if he were to remain on the block, which led Reilly to make the decision to leave Felicia as a nom. This may all but ensure Kirsten goes home.

From what we can tell about the "Anti-Nomination" Ceremony, Cory had a big reaction to being pulled down, which came off as "smug" and "tacky." Cirie later pulled him aside and explained how tone-deaf and rude reactions like his can come across to the remaining people on the block. He seemingly understood, and humbly took the criticism.

Izzy also had the first tear-filled moment of the season while getting homesick for her partner Paige and her parents. She said she felt guilty she hadn't thought about them at all that day.

In the evening, Reilly hosted a spa day in the HOH room. Most of the houseguests gathered their nail polishes and beauty supplies, while Kirsten hung out with a few others in the downstairs bathroom, painting her own nails.

Felicia and Cirie did a masterful job of just conversating with the other houseguests in a warm and inviting way, making everyone feel totally comfortable around them. A new alliance was eventually formed between Cirie, Felicia, Izzy, and Mecole (MeMe) called the "Bye Bye Bitches" (Bowie, Hisam and Jared will also be joining the alliance).

At the same time, Reilly and Jag (who have a Final 2 deal) were forming their own tiered alliance. They began with a three-person core alliance — called "Crowd Control" — which includes themselves and Blue.

The second tier is called "The Handful" (in honor of the scary room with the hands) and includes Matt and Cameron as the 4th and 5th members. (NOTE: Reilly has been growing particularly close with Cameron over the last couple of days.)

The third tier is known as "Family Style" and will include Jared, Cory, and America as the 6th, 7th, and 8th members.

A graphic displaying the tiers of the 8-person alliance

As the night wound down, Cirie sat down with Kirsten — who was upset about being on the block — and gave us this iconic moment in which she explained why Kirsten is being targetted.

"Imma keep it straight up with you ... sister to sister. What I think is that a lot of information was shared from you with a lot of people," Cirie said.

One more interesting note from the Day 3 feeds: Bowie overheard a conversation between Cirie and Izzy in the storage room — which happened to be about how Izzy quickly picked out Jared as Cirie's son, and how they quickly aligned before the season premiere even ended.

It's unclear what exactly she heard, but Bowie later informed Cirie that the had caught the conversation while passing by the room.

That's all for today! Tune in tomorrow to see who the Power of Veto players are, who wins the Power of Veto, and follow all of the competition's aftermath. (Plus, some more alliance talk!)

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