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'Big Brother 25' Day 4 Live Feeds: The Divide Grows, a POV Winner Is Crowned, and More Izzy Chaos

Cirie Fields looking concerned on the Big Brother live feeds
Cirie Fields/Big Brother Live Feeds

Hello all! Here's a look at what happened on Day 4 (Saturday, Aug. 5) of the Big Brother 25 live feeds.

Early in the day, Reilly, Blue and Jag met with Jared and confirmed that he was a member of her eight or nine-person alliance dubbed "Family Style."

Jared later informed Izzy about the "Family Style" alliance, and said he planned to use his position to get inside information from the opposition. The two then discussed bringing Luke into their growing alliance ("the Bye Bye Bitches") to help boost their numbers.

Izzy also told Jared that she intends to go to the Final 3 with him and Cirie, and would "feel like a badass" getting there if Jared and Cirie's relationship remains secret (to everyone but her, of course.)

Throughout the day, however, Izzy's paranoia grew. At one point, she informed multiple members of her alliance about her concern that Reilly was considering Cirie as a backdoor target (even though it wasn't even remotely the case).

Izzy even told Cirie about her concerns, putting Cirie on high alert for much of the day. The kicker? It doesn't seem like Cirie was ever seriously mentioned as a backdoor option. (Izzy seemingly made it up.) But that didn't stop their side of the house from stressing.

Later that day, Jared told his mom that he didn't believe Reilly was actually attempting to backdoor her. He also expressed his doubts in a separate conversation with Izzy, who then admitted that Reilly never explicitly said she was thinking about backdooring Cirie.

Feeds went down around 4 p.m. ET for the Power of Veto competition, which was played by Reilly, Felicia, and Kirsten as well as Hisam, Blue and Cameron. When they returned just after 7 p.m., Hisam was holding the Veto necklace. Some houseguests believed Reilly threw the competition, which appears to be the case.

We got more talk about Cory's attitude, so it doesn't sound like Cirie's post-Nomination ceremony advice has really sunk in. Hisam has started showing an increased amount of disdain for Cory (who he has repeatedly called "Cody).

While (correctly) suggesting that Jared and Cory are at the bottom of the opposite alliance, Hisam said, "You know why I don't get his name right? I subconsciously hate him."

Speaking of Cory, we got to watch a hilarious conversation between him and Jared, in which Jared masterfully pretended not to know just how much of a Survivor legend Cirie is.

Hisam also appeared to peg how the "Family Style" alliance formed and plans to function: aligning with the people who were in the Scary room and pulling in enough numbers to give them the majority, only to cuz the undesirables when they're no longer needed.

Meanwhile, Reilly seemed fairly comfortable with Hisam winning the Veto, and believes he won't use it on either nominee (which he has seemingly confirmed). But she had started expressing concerns about being seen as a "powerful player" and becoming a target early in the game. (Ah, the consequences of winning the first HOH competition.)

She is right to be concerned, too. During their evening conversation, Jared and Cirie agreed that backdooring Reilly would be their best option. Jared said he plans to gun for HOH next week in hopes of accomplishing that goal.

Reilly also had a lengthy conversation with Kirsten about Kirsten's position in the house, and how they got there. Kirsten shed a few tears, but gave us an epic Jim Halpert moment as they wrapped things up with a seemingly awkward hug.

The backyard finally opened for the first time shortly before most of the houseguests went to bed. During the ensuing celebration, however, Felicia took a tumble into the hot tub. (Poor thing.)

(It just so happens that we are less than one month away from the official 15th anniversary of Jerry MacDonald falling into the pool on Big Brother 10. What incredible timing.)

The houseguests spent a little time outside before trickling into bed. Some were seen preparing their bathing suits and outfits for the backyard photo shoot planned for the following day.

That's all for now! Tune in again tomorrow (Sunday) to see what else the houseguests have in store for us.


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