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'Big Brother 25' Night 1 Live Feed Update: A New Alliance and Secret Family Ties

Big Brother 25 logo
Big Brother 25 logo

Welcome to the first official version of Sarah Talks Big Brother's Live Feed Notes for Big Brother 25!

Night 1 is typically a very boring and quiet night, but this group of houseguests gave us much to discuss.

Feeds came on around 12:30 a.m. ET (9:30 p.m. PT) to most of the houseguests engaging in general chit chat in the kitchen. Blue was asked about her tattoos in a long conversation with Red, Cory, and a few others in and out.

Cory was back from the "Nether Region," but couldn't talk about it. Throughout the night, the HGs guessed he either got a punishment or power — lots of theories running through the house. Cory insists nothing happened he just cant talk about it.

Izzy knows that Jared is Cirie's son, but it isn't know throughout the house yet. You can catch a pinkie promise of sorts at the end of the episode while credits are rolling, so I am guessing she spoke up pretty quickly about it and agreed to keep it between them. (But we'll see what happens on Sunday's episode.)

Jag, Reilly, and Cameron hung out a bit, just goofing off and being silly. Matt and Kirsten had a chat in the gym talking about his hearing abilities. He says he cannot sign and has 50% hearing with his aid.

MOMENTS LATER, we had an alliance form "The Phalanx Five" — Jared, Kirsten, Luke, Matt, and Reilly. I don't anticipate this alliance sticking around too long. Kirsten is working on too many too fast, and it's being noticed.

Members of The Phalanx Five alliance: Jared, Kirsten, Reilly, Matt, and Luke
"The Phalanx Five" alliance

Everyone in the house seems to know Cirie was on Survivor. Cameron was asking her Survivor experience questions, but only Izzy seems to know about her relation to Jared.

Looks like a parachute alliance is starting to form between Cirie, Mecole, Felicia and Kirsten. It does not seem to be named or official at this point. Cirie and Felicia seem to be the closest duo at this time.

Cirie was giving some great advice to Jared, telling him to quit saying "I'll talk to you later" with people around. QUEEN AT WORK.

The first Have Nots of the season were also decided — and the first victims are Luke, Jared, Hisam, and Cory.

Overall, it was an interesting first night of the feeds. Excited to see more!


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