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'Big Brother' Addresses Luke Valentine's Expulsion During First Live Eviction of Season 25

The first eviction episode of Big Brother 25 was marred by the expulsion of Luke Valentine, who was ejected from the game Wednesday after using a racial slur on the live feeds.

About 25 minutes into Thursday’s eviction episode, host Julie Chen Moonves revealed that a houseguest “broke the Big Brother code of conduct and was removed from the game.”

For context: Luke was caught speaking with fellow houseguests Hisam Goueli, Cory Wurtenberger, and Jared Fields when he said "We're in the cheese room n*****!" before covering his mouth with a fist and seemingly attempting to backtrack by saying "dude."

After realizing his mistake, Luke attempted to play off his comment by suggesting to Jared that he actually meant to say the word "narwhal" instead of the word he used.

Less than 11 hours later, CBS and Big Brother producers released a statement announcing that Luke "has been removed from the house."

“Luke violated the BIG BROTHER code of conduct and there is zero tolerance in the house for using a racial slur," says the statement, shared by Sharon Tharp.

Big Brother showed a clip of the interaction and the subsequent reaction from the house. When the houseguests were informed of Luke's expulsion, Cory shared his insight into the situation.

Beforehand, he asked the entire group if they were comfortable with the situation, and everyone seemingly agreed.

"We were in the room and it was something to the effect of 'Go to bed,' then a derogatory term for a Black person, and it was directed towards me in a very like casual, like, using-it-between-friends kinds of way."

Hisam quickly denied hearing the comment, though his reaction to the comment seemingly said otherwise. Cory was confused, and asked him "You didn't?" to which Hisam replied, "No."

Jared, who is the only Black man in the house, then told Cory that "considering what the situation was, it's not fair I think to try to have this as a family convo." He shared multiple comments about the situation in the Diary Room, including:

"I've had friends like Luke in the past. It's really weird to try to have that conversation. That's why I didn't tell anybody."

"I don't associate ignorance with malice."

"Whether Luke meant it in that way or not, it was rules and regulations and we were told that clearly before walking into this house."

"I completely understand the decision. I also understand that there's consequences to every action you make."

"It's just hard to trying to help people understand where you're coming from — and especially being the only Black male in this house."

"I really do hope it was a learning situation for [Luke]."

Thursday's eviction was still held as scheduled. Kirsten Elwin, a Black woman, was voted out 13-0.

Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c, and 9/8c on Thursdays.


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