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'Big Brother 25' Day 2 Live Feed Update: A New HOH, a Potential Target and More!

Big Brother 25 logo
Big Brother 25 logo

Here is what you missed yesterday (Thursday, Aug. 3) on the live feeds!

We saw a new HOH crowned, had a lot of HOH meetings, an HOH room reveal, and even some alliance planning. Feeds were all over the place, and without Diary Room confessionals for context, take what we saw with a grain of salt for now.

There was lots of general chit-chat in the morning. Cirie did a flawless job of quietly mingling and getting to know everyone without seemingly trying too hard. Cameras followed her closely. I personally feel like this is watching a Master Class in social gameplay.

Feeds went down around 11:30 a.m. Big Brother Time for the HOH comp. From what it sounds like, it was some sort of puzzle mixed with maybe a zipline-type situation?

When feeds returned, we learned that Reilly is the new HOH! It took a few hours of feed-watching to piece together that she gets to remove two nominees, and she will also name the replacement nom if one of the noms wins the Power of Veto.

Kirsten seems to be making a lot of waves. With her multiple alliances, houseguests are starting to compare notes. She also made a strange comment to Hisam about Reilly (THE CURRENT HOH) stealing Matt's attention away from her. Felicia, Cirie, Jared, and Reilly all made multiple comments yesterday that Kirsten is a red flag.

We had an HOH room reveal at about 4:00 p.m. BB Time, and everyone was in attendance. Reilly said Production told her it was too early for a letter from home and pictures.

The big talk on the BB streets was that her music album was Morgan Wallen, the country singer with a notably problematic history. (Reilly did say her "country boyfriend" put this basket together for her.)

Reilly wearing a red HOH robe
Reilly rocking her new HOH robe

We got to see some HOH meetings later in the evening but the highlight was Jared's VERY long meeting with Reilly where he just seemingly spilled his guts.

At one moment, he very seriously told Reilly he had a big secret to share with her and if it got out he would know it came from her. We all were GLUED to our screens to see if he was about to spill the Cirie relation secret! (Keep in mind ONLY Izzy knows about their relationship).

Then, he began to confide in Reilly about a 5 person alliance that Kirsten made yesterday on Day 1. (He was referring to "The Phalanx Five" — see yesterday's image below.)

Her reply: "Yeah I was in the room." *major facepalm*

Members of The Phalanx Five alliance: Jared, Kirsten, Reilly, Matt, and Luke
"The Phalanx Five" alliance

One big prop to Jared: He made quite a show about asking Felicia and Cirie if he could refer to them as "Momma C" and "Momma F." This should hopefully provide cover for any slip-ups he may have made elsewhere.

Cory's name was dropped quite a bit through these meetings. However, Jared and Reilly seem to be pretty solid with him for the time being. As close as Reilly is to Jared, it seems Jag is more her No. 1. She told him she wanted to finalize the decision with him before the ceremony. It seems that she MAY be pulling Felicia and Jared off of the block. Kirsten seems to be the current target.

This is shaping up to be one of the most interesting casts of BB across the board we have had in a while. Any camera you watch we had something interesting to see. I hope this continues this season!


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