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'Big Brother 25' Days 8-11 Live Feeds: HOH No. 2, Nether Region Chaos, and a Major Alliance Implodes

Reilly Smedley, Jared Fields, and Jag Bains talking game
Reilly Smedley, Jared Fields, and Jag Bains/Big Brother live feeds

It's been a wild few days — but here's what you missed on the Big Brother 25 live feeds!

The feeds went down for more than 36 hours between Wednesday afternoon and early Friday morning as Luke Valentine was expelled from the game. Trying to pick up the pieces of what we missed has been a challenge — especially considering this group of houseguests are the most active gameplayers we have had in YEARS.

Before the live feeds went down, Reilly realized that someone had informed the opposite side of the house about her desire to see Hisam and Izzy on the block together as soon as possible. (This technically happened on Day 7, but is certainly important to note). Cory also gently warned her about putting too much trust in Cameron, who is the culprit behind the leak.

When the feeds returned after Kirsten's exit on Thursday's live eviction show, we found out that the Head of Household competition had been played, and Hisam was the new HOH. Jared came in second and was stuck in the Nether Region as a result. From the sounds of it, the comp was a rowing competition, and the "Bye Bye Bitches" side of the house far outperformed the "Family Style/Handful" side of the house.

Later, Jared returned from the Nether Region and chose Jag to take his. We do not know much about the twist still, however, Jag was safe from nominations and seems to have earned some sort of power (we believe he was able to prevent people from being selected for the Power of Veto competition) but could not compete in the Veto competition.

Jag returned from the Nether Region late Friday, and Saturday morning, he seemingly selected Bowie Jane as the next person to be sent there — meaning Bowie Jane could not compete in the Veto competition.

Hisam made it very clear early into his reign as HOH that Reilly was his target, and he had no interest in a backdoor strategy. Hisam held some interesting one-on-one conversations, to say the least. Notably, he flat-out told Reilly he respected her HOH and learned a lot from her, however, he was going to have to put her up. He was even bold enough to ask who she would prefer to sit next to on the block, to which she quickly replied that was not her place to say.

Reilly and Cameron were nominated for eviction, with Reilly being Hisam's target. Cirie, Felicia, Izzy, and Jared originally said they would rather see Cameron gout by Saturday, they seemingly changed their minds, and want to see Reilly go first.

Six players competed in Saturday's Veto competition: Hisam, Reilly, Cameron, Blue, America, and Matt.

Interestingly, before the competition began, we saw a private conversation between Jag and Blue about NOT using the Veto and voting out Cameron, who is in their alliance. I am getting a major sense that Jag is switching sides of the house, (he is getting closer to Izzy, Jared, and Red), so I am very interested in seeing his Diary Room sessions in the upcoming episodes.

When the feeds returned — 19 hours later — Hisam was holding the Power of Veto.

That's all for today! Check back again tomorrow to read more about the fallout from the Veto competition, and anything else that may go down.


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