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'Big Brother 25' Day 5 Live Feeds: Identifying the Enemies, Izzy Still Spirals and Luke Wakes Up

Izzy Gleicher crying on the Big Brother live feeds
Izzy Gleicher/Big Brother Live Feeds

Here is what you missed yesterday (Sunday, Aug. 6 ) on the Big Brother 25 live feeds!

The morning started pretty quiet with the houseguest's getting ready for their swimsuit photoshoot. We got a few glimpses of them before the shoot began.

When feeds returned to HGs settling into the backyard, there were quite a few short game talks. While the HGs did a great job of not looking too suspicious, it made the conversations a bit scattered.

Cirie, Hisam, Felicia and MeMe all talked about Reilly being the ring leader of the other power alliance in the house. Using Jared and Cory, they were able to identify every member of the "Family Style" alliance. ("Family Style" also seemingly figured out some members of "The Professors" alliance, but it still doesn't look like they've pieced everything together just yet.)

They then decided to use that information to work on reigning in outsiders like Red and Cory. Cory seems to be aware of his rank in "Family Style," and is more willing to work with Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, and Hisam.

However, Hisam does not care for Cory, and no one is really sure why. Cirie told Cory that she would talk to Hisam, but he needed to do the same. Cory then clearly tried to break the ice in what was a very painful and awkward conversation with a very reluctant Hisam, who seemed more into his slop than what Cory had to say.

It seems like Izzy is still in her own head a bit after the backdoor chaos on Saturday. Izzy's self-doubt seemingly stems from how much Cirie needs (or in this case, DOESN'T need) her. Izzy had a conversation with Jared to pledge alliance, reaffirm she isn't "fan-girling" over Cirie, and wanted Jared to tell her if she was being "Cirie-d" or if the loyalty was mutual.

Cirie later comforted Izzy in the bathroom to reassure her she was loyal to Izzy, and that Izzy had nothing to worry about.

Luke woke up on Sunday and finally decided to play Big Brother. He started by having a conversation with Reilly, who then called him out on not talking game with her and being reclusive. She will later talk about this conversation with America and Blue and how offputting it was for her and wants Luke to go next week.

Luke also talked game with Izzy, whose side of the house has been weighing if and how to sway him to their side as the house divide continues. Both sides seem to be figuring each other out slowly but surely at this point, though "The Professors" alliance appears to be a step or two ahead of "Family Style."

MeMe joined Red, Cirie and Izzy met in the upstairs balcony outside, before the night ended, and discussed sticking with their Cookout-style alliance ("The Professors"), which also includes Bowie, Hisam and Felicia.

We also saw an awesome conversation between Hisam and Matt about Matt's disability, in which Matt said talking in big groups can be difficult for him, and that he much prefers one-on-one conversations. (Remember, he can read lips.) Hisam empathized, having experienced hearing loss himself at one point in his life, and asked what he could do to help.

"It takes me time to get comfortable," Matt said.

(Big shoutout to Myriam for the awesome clips today!)

Elsewhere, MeMe and America seemingly made a Final 2 deal during a brief moment in the bathroom. (We'll have to hear more to see if it's completely legit, though.)

Also, Red briefly got a camera around 10 p.m. Big Brother time, so the houseguests took a few photos and videos around the house.

That's all for today! Check back again tomorrow to see how the Power of Veto ceremony pans out, and how it impacts the house.


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