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'Big Brother 25' Day 6 Live Feeds: Veto Ceremony Results, and Luke and Cameron Do Damage Control

Izzy Gleicher and Cameron Hardin having a talk on the Big Brother live feeds
Izzy Gleicher and Cameron Hardin/Big Brother live feeds

Here is what you missed yesterday (Monday, Aug. 7 ) on the Big Brother 25 live feeds!

We have struggled with how to organize and explain all the craziness of the feeds from yesterday — so hang in there! (Also **CRINGE ALERT AHEAD**)

Luke spent most of the day holding one-on-one conversations with his fellow houseguests and trying to talk game with everyone, having realized no one had talked game with him yet. At one point, he told Cory he was not committing to anyone until he vetted everyone out. Cory advised him to not turn down ANY offers.

Feeds went down for the Veto Ceremony, and Veto winner Hisam did NOT use his power. (Kirsten is still the target and will likely be going home this week.) Feeds came back to almost everyone hanging out in the kitchen, with no residual drama to be seen.

Cory had some minor relationship-building conversations with both Jag and Hisam. Izzy also talked game with various people, including Red and Luke, throughout the day.

Izzy also had a somewhat tense conversation with Reilly, in which she confronted Reilly with the notion that alliances had split the house. She also told Reilly that she didn't always feel invited into the conversations she was having, hence the recent divide. Afterward, Izzy told Cirie that she felt Reilly was acting "completely self-centered."

The day also gave us the formation of the "Brown Sugar Babes" alliance, which features Cirie, Felicia, Jared, and MeMe (Mecole).

Additionally, Jared and Hisam had a conversation about what to do about Cory. Jared campaigned to pull in Cory, suggesting he has no one, but Hisam said he doesn't trust him and doesn't want to work with him before Cory interrupted the back and forth.

(Okay, we warned you... here comes the ick.)

While hanging out in the hammock hangout, Reilly told Cameron that Izzy and Hisam were doing some recruiting, and was concerned that they had swayed Luke. She wanted to go after Hisam or Izzy next week. Cameron said it was too soon to go after Izzy, and told Reilly not to worry.

Cameron then lectured Reilly on her threat level, noting how the house may perceive her to be in a showmance with Matt, though it's not actually the case. He also advised her to distance herself from Matt, and try and form bonds with other members of the house.

When Cameron was telling Izzy about his convo with Reilly, it was very off-putting. His attempts to try and save her included him throwing her under the bus, to some extent.

Still, Izzy offers to work with Cameron to “fuck the cool kids." Later, Jared comes in and gets pulled into a working-together type of situation.

(NOTE: We highly recommend watching these conversations, because they were both STRANGE exchanges.)

Cameron eventually left, and a very amped-up Izzy told Jared about how she just “flipped” him to their side. Jared (who just spoke with Blue about how people coming after Izzy) told Izzy to cool it and lay lower. Jared and Izzy then both tell Cirie what happened, and Cirie had to calm down Izzy once again.

(ANOTHER NOTE: Izzy has seemingly lost a lot of trust with certain people in the house, including Jag and Blue.)

Cameron had another conversation with Reilly in the kitchen, and told her he'd been working on trying to "save her." He said he told people everything about “the eight” in hopes of mitigating "her involvement," adding that he was trying to get ahead of the other side of the house, which already knew about the alliance.

Cameron then encouraged Reilly to go talk to Cirie and Felicia, at which point Reilly started to cry. She said Izzy thinks she's a mean girl or “cool kid” and wants her gone. Cameron attempted to reassure her and said that they have Cory, Jared, and Luke on their side.

All of Cameron’s talks — including conversations with Cory, Red, and Felicia — got back to Cirie, who very obviously does not want to work with him. MeMe seemed equally upset and went on a rant to herself in the pantry (which was quite hilarious).

That's all for today! Check back again tomorrow to see what new conversations arise.


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