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‘Big Brother 25’ Premiere Recap: The 'Most Unpredictable Season' Ever Begins With 3 Big Twists

Big Brother 25 cast standing on stage
Big Brother 25 cast (CBS)

A new season of Big Brother has premiered, and according to host Julie Chen Moonves, it promises to be the "most unpredictable season" ever.

Seventeen new houseguests (yes, you read that correctly) entered the Big Brother house for the first time during Thursday's Season 25 premiere on CBS and Paramount+.

By the end of the episode, three big twists had been introduced — the "BB Break-in," the Nomination Competition, and of course, a surprise 17th houseguest.

Big Brother revealed that a 17th player would be entering the house just two hours before the live premiere, catching many by surprise.)

Here's a quick look at everything that played out on the live 90-minute premiere:

Revealing the "Big Brother Multiverse"

After cast introductions, Julie informed the houseguests about the "BB Break-In," and how it "completely changed" the Big Brother universe.

The cast then watched as Danielle Reyes, Britney Haynes and Frankie Grande entered the house with the Time Laser (the same clip from the July 28 promo) and shook up the game.

Four different universes have now taken over Big Brother's 25th season, and can change the game at any time, Julie says. They are: The BB Comic-verse

The Humili-verse

The Scary-verse

The Scramble-verse

Entering the House

Then, the houseguests were instructed to enter house in groups of four, as usual. This time, however, each group was assigned a color (pink, green, yellow and blue) and all four members were asked to take a spot at one of four different competitions set up in the backyard.

The groups entered as follows:

Group 1: America*, Felicia, Red, Matt (Pink)

*America was first to enter the house

Group 2: Blue, Izzy, Jared, Cory (Green)

Group 3: Kirsten, Luke, Bowie Jane, Jag (Yellow)

Group 4: Hisam, Mecole, Cameron, Reilly (Blue)

Before the competitions began, Julie revealed to the houseguests that instead of competing for Head of Household, they would be competing in a Nomination competition. The person who finished last in each competition would automatically be nominated for eviction.

Competition #1

The first competition — played by America, Jared, Bowie Jane, and Mecole — was a puzzle-based game called "Puzzling Headlines." The Scramble-verse comp had players disassemble a newspaper puzzle and reassemble it inside a box a short distance away.

America placed first, Bowie Jane placed second, and Mecole placed third, making Jared the first nominee of the season.

Competition #2

The second competition — played by Matt, Blue, Kirsten, and Hisam, — was based in the Humili-verse. The houseguests were tasked with kicking themselves in the butt 100 times by pushing a metal bar in front of them, which activated a large boot sitting behind them.

Matt easily placed first, Hisam comfortably placed second, and Blue eventually placed third, leaving Kirsten as the second nominee.

Competition #3

In the "Goo-Pocalypse" competition — played by Felicia, Izzy, Jag, and Cameron — the four houseguests were tasked with connecting the correct wires to the goo-bomb on their respective tables. (Two of the four wires were already connected for each houseguest.)

Jag quickly came in first, Izzy was second, and Cameron was close behind in third. As a result, Felicia became the third nominee of the evening.

Competition #4

The fourth and final competition of the night — played by Red, Cory, Luke, and Reilly — was a physical competition called "Hold on Fright," in which players were pulled backward by large monster hands while laying down and holding on to a small set of handles.

Cory was the first player to let go, and was dragged into what Julie cryptically described as the "Nether Region" (which we still don't know much about).

Four Nominees

By the end of the night, four of the 16 houseguests who first entered the house were on the block: Jared, Cory, Felicia, and Kirsten.

It wasn't made clear how the HOH's power would change as a result of having four pre-named nominees on the block. Fans can learn more about the twist on Sunday's episode, according to Julie.

An interesting note: Julie specified that the winner of this week's Power of Veto competition would still have the power to take one nominee off the block (as usual).

A 'Survivor' Legend Enters the Game

The remaining 15 houseguests then made their way back inside, only to find the one-and-only Cirie Fields pouring champagne in the kitchen.

Jared was one of the first people to enter the house and see his mom, and was noticeably stunned to see his mom standing in front of him. He appeared to play it off fairly well, though, as several other houseguests also processed what they were witnessing.

Moments before the end of the episode, Jared seemingly made a pinky swear with Izzy while the rest of the house got to know each other and Cirie.

(That's definitely something to keep an eye on.)

And with that, there were 17 houseguests.

Coming Up

A new HOH has already been crowned! (You can find spoilers (and other Big Brother-related content) on Abigail Adams' and Sarah Talks Big Brother's respective TikTok pages.)

Tune in to Sunday's episode to see who won this week's HOH competition, and how the HOH's power will shift thanks to the Scramble-verse's nomination twist.

Episode 2 of Big Brother 25 airs at 8/7c on CBS and Paramount+.


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