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'Big Brother 25' Theme Theory: Multiverse or Multi-Flop?

Julie Chen Moonves standing in front of the Big Brother 25 logo
Big Brother 25 key art

Big Brother just released a teaser photo for Season 25's theme, and the fandom is going nuts!

Theories filling my feed in a never ending scroll of opinions and guesses. In a separate tweet, Julie Chen Moonves said production had to wait to release the photo until after the houseguests were sequestered because "there were too many clues packed into" the image.

Maybe I am naive and optimistic. In the "Expect the Unexpected" universe, we tend to get exactly what we expect. However, I see insane potential in my BB imagination.

Take a look for yourself:

(Obvious things that caught my eye are the comic vibe — the four different textures and patterns, and the Pop Art-style background.)

The most common theory floating around is a Comic theme. Personally, I think thats too obvious. We just had an entire BB Comic Week, and many considered it a total flop.

However, there is one thing in the comic world that is very popular right now, and thats the Multiverse. (I can hear the announcer puns now. The BB-Verse!)

This season marks the 25th season of Big Brother, which is huge for any show! Why not spin this BB Verse into BB Timelines? Imagine bringing back the Pressure Cooker comp, Food Comps, BBOTT comps — each week being a different "timeline" in BB history. The potential is endless! Also, having returning BB players host these comps? AMAZING!

I truly hope this is the case, because the other theory about the four segments leaves a very sour pit in my stomach. Some suggest the house could be split four ways, which, in my opinion, would be AWFUL.

If Survivor has taught us anything, its that the multi-split start of a show like this is a very flawed layout. Being competition heavy, the women, BIPOCs and older crowd are picked off very early, leaving us with nothing but jock-y white males. Not to mention what a live feed nightmare that would be! (I shudder when I think about it, so let's just not.)

Either way, we are finally getting the return of our summer staple in one week, and no matter what, I'm ready to see what's in store.


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