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Inside 'Big Brother 25': What We Know So Far About the Upcoming Season

This article has been updated to reflect recently-reported air dates for Big Brother 25.

Big Brother season is upon us! (Well, almost.)

Season 25 is right around the corner, but there's still lots we don't know about what is in store. What does the cast look like? What does the house look like? What's the theme? How long will the game last? What kind of twists can we expect?

While we await answers to our pressing questions, let's go over what we do know about the season so far:

New Cast

This year's cast will feature "a group of all-new" houseguests, according to a press release published by CBS in May.

CBS has not announced an official date for the cast reveal, but Parade's Mike Bloom reports that reveal will take place either one or two days before the Aug. 2 premiere.


Big Brother 25 will also feature "throwbacks to the last 24 seasons," according to the May press release. However, no further details have been announced.

Live Feeds

Contrary to various rumors, Big Brother live feeds are not going anywhere this season. Live feeds can be accessed via Paramount+, both on its own app and via Amazon. Subscriptions begin at $5.99 a month.

'Big Brother 25' Air Dates

Big Brother will be airing at various times throughout the season. The show will run in its normal time slots for the first five weeks until the NFL's 2023 season begins, at which time Sunday episodes will shift.

The schedule will change for a second time when Survivor and The Amazing Race premiere this fall, though an official date has not been announced.

Here's a quick breakdown of what presumably will air and when, with some help from The Futon Critic (none of this has been confirmed by CBS):


Sunday at 8/7c

Wednesday at 8/7c

Thursday at 9/8c

FIRST ALTERED SCHEDULE (Sept. 10 and Sept. 17)

Sunday at 8:30/7:30c

Wednesday at 8/7c

Thursday at 9/8c


Sunday at 10/9c

Tuesday at 8/7c

Thursday at 8/7c

*Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan has indicated on Twitter that his show is expected to premiere on Sept. 27.


Like every offseason, Julie Chen Moonves has been teasing the upcoming season with some cryptic posts on social media. The first teaser was shared on June 13, which featured the following emojis: ☀️🚪🅱️🐢🕹️💎🏡😎👋🏼

Julie shared another teaser on Tuesday, asking fans, "Do you see what I see 👀👀" while revealing the season's key art.

"We had to wait until the Houseguests were sequestered because there's many clues to this season's theme," Julie suggested in her tweet, before asking, "Can you guess?"

Big Brother 25 premieres Wednesday, Aug. 2 at 8/7c on CBS and Paramount+.


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