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Who Is Cirie Fields? Everything You Need to Know About the 17th Houseguest on 'Big Brother 25'

Cirie Fields' Big Brother cast photo
Cirie Fields

For the last 17 years, Survivor fans have grown to know and love Cirie Fields — a former couch potato-turned-reality television legend who is looking for her second victory of the year.

Viewers also got a taste of Cirie's brilliance in Season 1 of Peacock's new reality competition series The Traitors, which she dominated from start to end.

Now, the 53-year-old reality star is taking her talents to the Big Brother house for Season 25. It's a game she's apparently longed to play for years, and now, she finally has the opportunity to do so.

But who is this legendary woman? Here's what you need to know:

**WARNING: Survivor, Big Brother and Traitors spoilers ahead.**

Cirie Fields first appeared on Survivor: Exile Island in 2006.

Cirie made her first-ever appearance on reality TV on Season 12 of Survivor. It was the first season in which castaways were split into four tribes (based on both age and gender), and the first season to feature the Exile Island twist.

Even as a 35-year-old nurse, Cirie still found herself on the older women's tribe, Casaya. But she outlasted them all, becoming the only member of the tribe to reach the merge and the jury. She missed the Final Tribal Council by just three days.

Cirie has played Survivor four times — but has never won.

After Exile Island in 2006, Cirie appeared on Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites in 2008 as one of 10 "favorite" former castaways to compete against a tribe of 10 fans of the show. Cirie placed third after runner-up Amanda Kimmel opted to send her to the jury over their fellow ally Parvati Shallow.

In 2010, Cirie returned once again, this time for Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. She was the fourth person voted off the Heroes tribe after Survivor: Palau winner Tom Westman played a hidden immunity idol and negated three votes against him.

Her most recent Survivor appearance was in 2017, when she competed on the notorious Game Changers season.

Cirie has spent 121 days playing Survivor.

In four seasons of Survivor, Cirie has spent a whopping 121 days in the game — that's 17 weeks and two days, or almost exactly four months!

Her shortest stint on the show was on Heroes vs. Villains; she lasted just 11 days and was the fourth person voted out of the game. However, she played for 36 days on both Exile Island and Game Changers, and 38 days on Fans vs. Favorites.

Only three players have spent more days playing Survivor than Cirie, according to Gold Derby: Ozzy Lusth (128), Parvati Shallow (149) and "Boston" Rob Mariano (152).

Cirie has never been voted out of Survivor by the majority of her tribe.

The first two times Cirie played Survivor, she missed Final Tribal Council by night. In Season 12 — two years before Kimmel solely voted her off in Season 16 — Cirie lost a fire-making challenge to the eventual runner-up, Danielle DiLorenzo, following a split vote at the penultimate Tribal Council.

In addition to getting "idoled out" by Tom on Season 20, Cirie also fell victim to the infamous "Advantage-mageddon" at Tribal Council on Season 34.

With just six people left in the game, Cirie was just one of five people eligible to be voted out. After all four advantages were played, she realized she was the only person without immunity — and had her torch snuffed by default.

Cirie earned her first solo reality TV victory in 2023.

After 17 years, Cirie finally claimed her first solo reality TV victory on Peacock's hit new reality series The Traitors. Cirie was selected to play as a "traitor" on the program, and was the sole person to walk home with the $250,000 prize after beating out a group of 19 civilians and fellow reality TV stars.

Cirie split $100,000 in winnings on Snake in the Grass in 2022.

In 2022, Cirie was one of two Survivor alumni to compete in a special episode of USA's reality competition show Snake in the Grass. She also competed alongside Big Brother alum Rachel Reilly and Janelle Pierzina, who she ultimately split the grand prize with.

Cirie, Rachel, and Janelle correctly guessed that Survivor: Palau alum Stephenie LaGrossa

Kendrick was the designated "snake," who was tasked with sabotaging the competition in hopes of keeping the $100,000 grand prize all to herself.

Cirie is the first Survivor alum to compete on Big Brother.

No one has ever played Big Brother after competing on Survivor, until Cirie. Caleb Reynolds and Hayden Moss are the only other players to cross between the Big Brother and Survivor universes, but both played Big Brother first.

Hayden won Season 12 in 2010, and competed on Survivor: Blood vs. Water three years later in 2013. Caleb appeared on Survivor: Kaôh Rōng in 2015, just one year after his appearance on Season 16 of Big Brother in 2014. (Season 32 of Survivor did not air until 2016.)

Cirie wishes she played Big Brother first.

In a 2022 interview with US Weekly, Cirie revealed that she feels she "should have done Big Brother first," rather than Survivor.

"I'm a Big Brother fan," she said in a joint interview with fellow Snake in the Grass competitors Janelle, Rachel, and Stephanie. When told she could be good at the game, she replied, "Maybe, maybe not.

(Had Cirie been cast for Big Brother the same year she filmed Survivor: Exile Island, she would have competed alongside Janelle and other notable houseguests such as Kaysar Ridha, James Rhine and Howie Gordon on Season 6.)


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